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Saadat Abad, the lower the intersection of Cedar Boulevard Paknejad, beginning 18 yards Motahari, next to the pharmacy Goudarzi, No. 14, Second Floor, Unit 4.



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Dr Ebrahim gol is graduated in dentistry from Tehran University and in 1390 began to have activity in this field.



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Implant ▼

What is implant?

What is implant?

Biological properties of implant can be briefly stated as:

  1. To prevent corrosion of the implant in a long time; it is necessary to use a suitable material. It must have an inert biological effect on oral tissue and bone surface.
  2. The strength of the implant must be high enough so that it doesn’t fail in the long run. That’s why a metal with the highest strength is considered for it.
  3. Biological properties will provide human tissue health and are replaced for body tissues.
  4. Titanium surface of the implant will be oxidized in exposure to air and becomes ineffective.

Dental implants consist of three parts: the main base, the prosthetic pieces and covers.

A suitable age for dental implants for women is after 16 and for men it is after 18. Dental stable implant is a stable mainstay for dentures. Dentures and bridges on implants don’t move in the mouth. This is an advantage for eating and talking. Solid foundation helps the dentures and bridges function as well as their covers.

As natural teeth need care, implants should receive the same attention. Implants do not decay like natural teeth, but the germs in the mouth may harm the gums around the implant. Implants life is unlimited but its life is different based on the surgeon, length and type and diameter of the dental implant.
Dental implant surgery can be done in three ways:

  • Single-stage dental implant
  • Double-stage dental implant
  • Immediate Loading dental implant

When it is allowed to perform implants:

  • There is a significant distance between teeth as a result of loss of more than one tooth when all neighboring teeth are natural teeth.
  • When one or more tooth is lost
  • When all of the teeth in one or both jaws are lost
  • Correcting denture clearance

Methods and procedures

There are two methods to implant. In the first method, 4 implants with a diameter of 2mm are implanted in the jaw. When the round head implants are appeared from the gum, the connections are provided by 4 bowls. If bone loss is obvious, this method can be used which takes about 2 hours.

In the second method, six implants are used in the lower jaw and eight implants in the upper jaw. Then, these implants are covered by prostheses to provide more stability for the teeth.

Dental implants provide higher confidence for patients. Durability of the implants depends on several conditions, including the ability of the surgeon, the type of implant used in the jawbone, implant alloy, observation of sanitary points by the patient, annual checkups, accurate performance of prosthodontist in implant loading and its construction. So, the performance of entire dental team in this issue is very important. But the main purpose of placing implants is preserving bone in edentulous areas. Sometimes, dentist has to rebuild bone area because of moderate to severe bone loss. This is done by using bone powder and bone block.

Stability during surgery depends on the volume and quality of the bone and also the length and diameter of the implant. The more bone mass and higher quality of the bone with denser bone will result in having a more stable implant. It is worth noting that if primary stability is higher, then single-stage surgery under the force can be considered.

If bone density is low, then implants with larger diameters can be used (if there is enough bone volume). Otherwise, the implants with longer length should be used. But if the primary stability of the implant is low, it is necessary to take a double-stage surgery. It takes at least 45 to 60 days for healing and then, implant can be placed under force.


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