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Saadat Abad, the lower the intersection of Cedar Boulevard Paknejad, beginning 18 yards Motahari, next to the pharmacy Goudarzi, No. 14, Second Floor, Unit 4.



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Dr Ebrahim gol is graduated in dentistry from Tehran University and in 1390 began to have activity in this field.



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Saturday to Wednesday:
9 am to 21 pm
Thursday and Friday:
9 to 12 am


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healing time

The time required for healing dental implants

How long does dental implant take?

The time required for healing dental implants

The time required for healing of dental implants in the upper jaw is 5 months and in lower jaw is 3 months. This time depends on the patient's condition and may be less or more. In cases such as bone split, sinus lift in upper jaw, low bone density and more; required time for healing and achieving desirable state is longer. But in ideal conditions such as the patient has sufficient bone density or there is no other problems or the implant is of high quality and implant surgery is performed with precision; healing time will be reduced.

Notable cases to increase success in dental implant:

  1. Don’t wash your mouth after dental implant for 8 hours after surgery
  2. Avoid sucking and spit your saliva because it aggravates bleeding.
  3. Avoid brushing implant site for one day after dental implant surgery
  4. It is recommended to use mouthwash a day after surgery
  5. It is possible to drink after surgery but you can eat after eliminating numbness.
  6. Avoid smoking and alcohol drinks to increase the life and durability of dental implants.
  7. Numbness and bruising around the surgical area will go away after a few days; it is no matter to be worry about.

After surgery, swelling has an uptrend for 3 days and will have downtrend afterwards. It is recommended to use ice for reducing swellin


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