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Saadat Abad, the lower the intersection of Cedar Boulevard Paknejad, beginning 18 yards Motahari, next to the pharmacy Goudarzi, No. 14, Second Floor, Unit 4.



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Dr Ebrahim gol is graduated in dentistry from Tehran University and in 1390 began to have activity in this field.



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Saturday to Wednesday:
9 am to 21 pm
Thursday and Friday:
9 to 12 am


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About Us

The best dentist in west area of Tehran

The best dentist in west area of Tehran

Many patients fear from dentist’s office and this fear is not related to a specific age group. In fact, all the patients, male or female, old or young, adult or child, fear a bit from dentist’s office and its environment; especially when they have an unpleasant memory of their dentist or dentist’s office.

This fear is will lead them no to visit their dentist periodically. If the patient likes dentist’s office and feel comfortable in it and if the dentist has great qualifications to perform all dental procedures without imposing stress on patient; all patients will be eager to visit their dentist for receiving dental cares.

Dental services must be done in high quality and updated equipment. It is very important that dentist and secretaries or assistants deal appropriately with patients. In this case, the patient will have a pleasant experience of visiting dentist’s office. Such patients will refer to the dentist’s office more and more. They are certainly eager to introduce such experienced team of professionals to their friends and acquaintances.

In this article, we have tried to study some features of a good dentist and a great professional team. Dr. Sojoodi and his experienced team are trying hard to provide a very calm and stress-free environment for their patients and provide excellent quality works with guaranteed treatment.

  1. Personal Search

You can ask about a very good and experienced dentist from your friends or relatives. You can ask your friends and family about the reason of their satisfaction to increase your certainty about the introduced dentist.

  1. Call the centers that that provide specialized services and ask questions. Receiving advices will always help you to find an experienced dentist.
  2. Search on the Internet

You can enter keywords, such as good dentist, dentist in west part of Tehran, dental clinics and specialized centers for implants or any other word to get adequate information in this regard. By reviewing website of the dentist or reading his/her articles on the website; you will learn more about the quality of services.

  1. Reading the comments of other people

If the dentist that you find on the Internet has a complete and professional site; you can find the comments of people in his/her site. For having more confidence, you can view these comments.

  1. Review Image Gallery

A professional and experienced dentist will show some pictures of patient before and after performing a procedure. In this way, you can have more information about your eventual dentist. This gives confidence to the patients who are skeptical about the results of treatments, so that, they can take an appropriate decision.

  1. Call the professional center

Call the clinic or professional center that you have heard about from your friends or relatives. This has several advantages. First, you can learn the level of responsiveness in the center. Second, you can ask your questions immediately from assistants of the center. In addition, you can evaluate the experience or expertise of the assistants by this telephone conversation. Third, you can assess how related dental team behave or deal with the patients.

In the end, the goal of Dr. Sojoodi’s dental team is creating a relaxed atmosphere without stress, and providing high-quality dental services according to their years of experience. You can contact Dr. Sojoodi’s professional implant center to be sure about the quality of your treatment and increase your level of satisfaction. Be sure that our team in this center will put all efforts and abilities to gain your confidence and satisfaction.


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